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This Badger Calculator is a Western Lands Preservation branded version of our 15-feature easy-to-use basic calculator that's on our home page.  The difference is this has no ads, no frame, and makes no network calls, even for images.  So it's fast, does not spy on you, and does just what you request.  Can be used locally on a secure device.  You also get to personalize it with your name or short phrase.

10% of your calculator purchase goes to Western Lands Preservation to assist their efforts in preserving Western Lands in their natural state for present and future generations.

This Badger Calculator remembers its calculations when closed, so when opened again, the calculator is just where the user left off, even if that was in the middle of a calculation.  Nice :-)

Calculator is delivered as a single HTML file (~70KB), and can be used on any device that has a browser, such as touchscreen devices, desktop PCs, laptops, iPads, smartphones, etc.  Perfect for use in meetings, classes, presentations, at home, and it is designed for frequent all-day use.

Key Features


Four-function standard math calculator with left to right calculations


12-Digit, plus math expression, and memory value


16-Digit math accuracy, optional rounding correction, scientific notation E-307 to E+307


Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division


Squared, Square Root, Reciprocal, Inverse, and Percent

Memory Functions

Add, Subtract, Recall, and Clear

Result Format

Fixed or floating point, comma or period decimal point

Digit Grouping

1,000,000, 1'000'000, 1.000.000, or none

Keyboard Input

Yes, with button feedback


Clear All, Clear Entry, and Backspace


Equal repeats last operation


Yes, with reusable math calculations


Auto resizes to height and width boundary of window

Savable Settings


Error Conditions

Clear error messages


~70KB size

Simple Yet Powerful

Badger Calculator feature callouts

Designed for frequent all-day use.

Multi-User License Discounts

Multi-User License discounts are 50% off for each additional user.  The first calculator is at full price, and when you increase the quantity in the cart for a multi-user license, each additional calculator is half off.

If you purchase the calculator for five people (yourself and four others), then the cost would be . . .

$7 + $7 × 0.50 × 4    =     $7 + $14    =     $28

Multi-User License discounts are automatically applied when you increase the quantity purchased in the shopping cart.

What You Get

Via Purchase Confirmation Email

  • Badger Calculator
    Minimized all-in-one HTML file (~70KB) containing the Badger Calculator that you can place on all your devices, knowing it has no ads, and does not spy on you.
  • License
    Single-user multiple-device license.  Multi-user license when purchase quantity greater than one.
  • A Smile
    Knowing 10% of your purchase goes to Western Lands Preservation.

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